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Questions about our program?

Do you have a son or daughter that is in 1st grade or older? Cub scouts starts in 1st Grade and ends in 5th Grade. Cub Scouts can then transistion into Scouts BSA when they are at least 10 years old or have completed the fifth grade. We have a Scouts BSA Troop for boys and a Scouts BSA troop for girls.

In all the scout programs, a child may join scouting at any age and at anytime during the year. A child that is in third grade would join scouts that are at their age group. Another concern is that I did not sign up my child during the fall recruitment period. That is not an issue, and children can join the scouting program throughout the year.

Please contact an email listed below for more information on our program.

Cub Scout Program

Contact: Cubmaster Jeremy Hoffmann at:
Contact Pack Committee Chairman Dana Parlier Pease at:

Scouts BSA Program

Contact: Scoutmaster of Troop 427 for boys is Andrew Klement at:
Contact: Scoutmaster of Troop 427 for girls is Eric Pease at:
Contact: Troop Committee Chairman Peter Raschke at:

St. Anne Charter Representative

Contact: Charter Representative Peter Raschke at: