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The Cub Scout Pack has had a continuous Charter since 1976. For 48 years the Pack has been providing a vibrant program for Cub Scouts in the Wausau area. Currently we are one of the biggest packs in Samoset Council with an enrollment of 68 Scouts.

The original Charter for Troop 27 (currently 427) was started on November 30th, 1951, by the St. Anne's Holy Name Society. The Troop has continued from that date to the present with only one year (1973) without a charter. As we start our Troop 427 for boys Charter in January 2024 we are entering our 71st year as a Scout BSA Program at St. Anne's Parish. Currently we have a Troop for boys with 31 active Scouts. As of February 1st, 2019 Scouts BSA Troop 427 for girls officially became a new Troop and a new direction for the scouting movement. Starting in January 2024 we are entering our 6th year with Scouts BSA Troop 427 for girls and we have 13 girls active in the program.

In the past we have had a Venture Crew 427 that was open to both boys and girls 14 years and older as well as an Explorer Post 427 that allowed younger girls to explore the outdoor program. Now both boys and girls will have an opportunity for character development, citizenship, leadership and personal fitness with the Scouts BSA program.

The two Troops are linked with one Troop Committee that oversees Troops 427 for boys and Troop 427 for girls. For more information about our program please go to the Contact Us page of the website.